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About Me


Jessica is a Soul Realignment practitioner, intuitive Akashic reader, psychic, teacher, and healer with a decade of experience working in the healing arts field.  

She deeply believes that you can heal anything if you commit to it. That is why she is steadfast in her work to empower others, so that everyone comes to know the tremendous power that resides inside them. 

As a Soul Realignment practitioner she has seen remarkable transformations happen in people's lives, dissolution of karmic based chronic emotional and spiritual pain, and people stepping into their fullest Divine self-expression. 

Some of the other modalities she has training in are compassionate communication, relational and developmental trauma, C-PTSD, dialectical behavioral therapy, integrative somatic practices, Rolfing/structural integration, medical massage, cranio-sacral therapy, Reiki, essential oils, crystal healing and shamanic foundations.