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Why Do I Have Karma?

You are creating karma in every action that you take. 

Earlier in human history we had little choice in how we were going to live and work. We had to do what was expected of us, which often went against who we are at Soul level.

The choices were still ours however, and we often spent entire lifetimes doing life in a way that disallowed expression of our Divinity, living day after day building negative karma, and even passing it forward to our ancestors. 

Karma causes blocks and restrictions to our Vital Force Energy, which manifests as myriad challenges in our daily lives.

Your Soul Realignment session will allow you to learn the exact karmic patterns you have, how you created them, and new actions you can take that support the clearing work. After your session you'll receive an email with follow up instructions and the details of everything we discussed on our video call. 

You will be able to apply the increased vital force energy in the weeks after your clearing to support creating new patterns of action! 

Find The Healing You Are Seeking!

If you are on a healing path, sense that you have challenges due to past life choices, or seek to fully express your Divine potential then a Soul Realignment session may take you to the next level on your journey.

Soul Realignment is a precise, powerful psychic tool that allows us to use the Akashic records to pinpoint the specific past life choices that created the karma that's holding you back from infinite health, relationships, and abundance!

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Individual Sessions

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The Healing Path



Due to the highly transformational nature of this work you may encounter some resistance. If you choose to cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled time you will receive a full refund. If you choose to cancel with less than 24 hours notice you will receive a refund minus half the cost of the individual session scheduled. 

Window of Opportunity

Your session opens a window for you to take new actions and work with your human experience in a different way. Change happens when you utilize the influx of vital force energy you will receive when you have your clearing to support new choices and action. 


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