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Relationship Support


Soul Realignment for you and a detailed relationship reading


 When you really know who another person is at Soul level, it gives you peace and understanding like absolutely nothing else can! Understanding the Soul Profile and Life Lessons of the loved ones in your life can truly enhance your level of happiness and satisfaction in your relationships.

Clear Intentions


Soul Realignment, Life Lesson, Chakra Analysis 


Align to your Divine Soul Blueprint, learn what Lessons your Soul incarnated to work on & discover where and how you need to make new choices based on your chakra analysis. Self-knowledge for ease and grace along your journey.

Reveal Your Path


Soul Realignment, Spirit Guide Reading, Energy Matrix, and Life Lesson


Uncover and transform your karmic debt, learn about your whole Energy Matrix, discover what Life Lessons your Soul is here to work on, and fully understand your Spirit Guide Team while learning to hear their guidance more distinctly. Informed navigation for your life!

Soul Guidance


Soul Realignment, Spirit Guide Reading, and a Potential-Futures Reading 


You will receive a detailed profile of your Spirit Guide Team, and learn how to have a stronger relationship with them after your initial Soul Realignment.

A future reading looks into the Akashic records at the percentage of likelihood for an event based on how aligned your current choices are,  and what new choices would best support your desired outcome. 

Ultimate Growth


Soul Realignment, Energy Matrix,  Life Lesson & Expanded Soul Profile, Life Situation Reading, Meet Your Soul Meditation


This package is ideal for seekers that are committed to the deep healing work involved in Spiritual growth, and ready to take their vibration to the next level. 

Energetic Expression


Soul Realignment, Energy Matrix, Chakra Analysis


Learn how to leverage your Energetic Matrix to express your Soul's highest potential!  Clear karmic blocks & restrictions, receive and learn to use Vital Force Energy in precisely the way you were designed, and discover the exact percentages that your chakras are operating at within each of your energy bodies.